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 All About Golf Tips and Instruction for Improving Your Game 

Hiand welcome!  How about some golf instruction tips and lessons to improve your game? is full of golf tips, golf instruction articles, information on golf schools and golf lessons, and a lot more for improving and enjoying your golf game.

There are golf tips on every major area of the game, a large number of golf articles on a variety of topics, over 600 golf questions and answers in the "Ask the Pro" section and over 1,000 golf words and phrases in the Golf Glossary - with more of all those things being added all the time.

Learn how to be more consistent, hit it longer, be more accurate, manage your game, improve your swing, and lower your score.  There's something here for all golfers - even a free online golf book for beginners. Explore and enjoy

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 Golf Tip of the Fortnight 

A [glib] tip for the obstinate

Though it has been repeated since the beginning of time, or at least golf, ("Don't try to kill the ball, stay rhythmic and smooth and make solid contact" -- and endless variations on this theme), it appears that some individuals have a rogue neuron misfiring somewhere in their gray matter and simply cannot stop themselves from swinging hard. (Gee, I hope they don't have a similar problem with the accelerator pedal in their car ). Perhaps they think that if a touring pro can swing hard then why can't they? Well, the bottom line there is: unless your golf swing fundamentals, balance and athletic ability are as good as the pro's... you just can't. (I suppose you can; it's your game.)

But, rather than give up on these neuronally afflicted souls, I will offer the one tip that might increase the odds (however slightly) of their success (and at some level that's what golf instruction is really about: increasing a player's chances of success). Here's the tip: If you're going to swing hard, at least make sure that you simulate what you plan to do, as closely as possible, in your practice swing(s). Don't take a smooth practice swing and then jump out of your shoes at the ball. Practice swing with the same tempo and intensity as your swing through the ball will be and you might have more luck ... and may your deity of choice be with you -- you'll need all the help you can get.

I work with golfers of all skill levels on all areas of their games (individually or in small groups of friends, family, co-workers, etc.) in my Private Golf Schools.

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