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Golf Practice Area at Home
Create Your Own Personal Practice and Training Facility

How about setting up your own personal Golf Practice and Training Facility?
Indoors...  in the garage...   on the patio...   at work...   where do you have space available?

Would you enjoy working on the techniques of the game at home (especially if you have a bad weather season where you live)? In order to do that it would be a good idea to have lots of tools and a private place to practice. So here are some links to get the stuff you need to create your own Personal Practice and Training Studio, right in your own home (maybe indoors somewhere, in the garage, on the patio -- wherever you might have the space). These are some good things to get.

Items to create your home practice facility

Nets and Mats

And if you've got a video camera check out this swing analysis software.

And here are some training aids that may come in handy,
specifically for some of the most commom problems I see.

And for those of you who travel a lot, take one of these with you to practice on the road.

Working on techniques during the time of year when you are not playing much is really a good idea. And having your own practice studio would be great fun and would allow for meaningful, quality practice time. Best wishes for lots of enjoyment and success with creating your own Practice and Training Studio. smile

Would you like to work on your game with me in person?

If you'd like to work with me in person see my Long Drive School or Custom Golf School or Lessons pages for information or to arrange dates. Wouldn't it be nice to travel to the San Francisco bay area of Northern California on business or pleasure AND get some golf and instruction in too?   smile   Or, if you can't come to work with me in person get my books.

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