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Long Drive School
Learn to hit longer drives -- and to hit the ball farther with all your clubs

So, ya wanna hit it longer, eh?   You've come to the right place!

SPIRIT Magazine cover
As seen in Southwest Airlines SPIRIT Magazine

"If you want to hit the ball really far, come here."

"... lessons in how to get more distance while keeping the ball in play and yourself out of the chiropractor's office"

"You learn directly from Blakemore, the school's only instructor, a huge plus"
Golf School picture

Gonna crush it!

I've been hitting the ball long since I was a junior golfer, and competed in Long Driving from 1985 - 2000 (see credentials below). One of my main specialties is teaching golfers how to hit the ball farther: getting more distance on drives off the tee, with fairway woods and with iron shots. Through a combination of factors you can learn to maximize your distance (without falling over, blurring your vision, or hurting yourself). smile

There are a number of things that can be done to improve your ability to hit the ball long and all players, from beginners to advanced, would benefit from the Long Drive Schools, if interested in gaining more distance.

There are many advantages to taking my schools over the most popular golf schools across the country today. Foremost among the benefits is the fact that you'll receive more personal one-on-one instruction from the main (and only) instructor (me) than any other golf school that I am aware of. My golf schools are private sessions with individuals, couples or very small groups of friends or family pre-arranged by the student. How much personal attention can you stand? I believe you will find the experience to be valuable.

I also suggest, based on my specific combination of credentials (see below), that I know of no other person anywhere more qualified to teach you how to increase your distance.

About the Instructor

  • PGA Class A Professional
  • Over 30 years of golf instruction experience
  • Master's Degree (Biomechanics/Exercise Physiology)
  • 2-time finalist National Long Driving Championship
  • Former West Coast Long Drive Champion
  • Charter member YONEX Long Drive Exhibition Team
  • Author of the book "Hitting it Longer: Getting More Distance in Your Golf Game, with the Driver and Throughout Your Bag"
Crush It!

"My visit to you has helped me more than anything else that I have ever done to improve my golf game. My iron shots are 20 to 30 yards further and much straighter. My divots are straight toward the target."

"I am getting 40 to 50 yards more with my driver and the shots are more consistent and predictable. I am hitting my 3 wood more than 200 yards (the longest was 240 yards) ."

Jim W.
Phoenix, AZ


Overview map of area

Lessons are conducted in the east bay area of San Francisco in Northern California at Boundary Oak Golf Course in Walnut Creek, California (about 45 minutes east of San Francisco) or The Golf Club at Brentwood in Brentwood, California (about an hour east of San Francisco). See the map just below for an overview of the general area. Continue below for more details on private and group lessons.

Continue below for more details on the Long Drive Golf Schools.

Schedule & Rates

There is not a fixed schedule for the Custom Golf Schools or the Long Drive Schools, as they are private sessions based on your availability, goals, etc. They are scheduled and priced on an individual basis. This chart will give you a general idea of the typical cost of the most common session lengths.

Golf School Rates *
 One student   Two students 
 3 hours per day   $225   $300 
 5 hours per day   $350   $500 
* Includes golf instruction only - does not include travel, lodging, food, etc.
All first-time students receive supplemental materials, so the cost of the first session-only is $30 more than later sessions.
Green fee or cart fee may be extra for sessions that include playing on the course.
Discounts apply with multiple sessions in one week.


Fill-in and submit the form below to initiate a proposal for a Long Drive School (your preferred dates, the amount of instruction time you'd like, etc.). I'll respond as soon as possible to confirm the availability of days/times, with rates and details. Please include as much relevant information in the "Proposal Details" field as possible.

Long Drive School Proposal
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Preferred Dates:
Dates (alternate choice):
Number of Students:
Location: The Golf Club at Brentwood
Proposal Details:
(How much instruction time are you looking for?  How many days?  How many hours per day?  Do you want to spend any time actually out on the golf course, or just stick to the practice facilities?)
Travel Arrangements: I WILL need assistance
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