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Golf Poems

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I update or add to this section if I get inspired to write something or if something gets sent to me that I feel is post-worthy. Here's the latest:

Likely Delusional

Gotta get to the course
Oh baby, I can't wait
Lovin' the feel of these new clubs
For sure my personal best is today's fate

The profound work of art above took literally less than a minute. smile It was inspired by an "Ask the Pro" question submitted by Robin Singh, in which he asked me to create another poem with the letters G, O, L and F as the first letter of each line, like the legitmately profound one below by Joe Cip.

Like a Dream
(Inspired by Jim Fleming)

Come on along I'll take you to
the lullaby of Chunkland
The gnarly grain grows into you
It might as well be soft deep sand

The earth is damp beneath your ball
A downhill lie and ball above your feet
Hit instinct mounting, hacking doth call
The odds seem to dwindle of hitting it sweet

Oh yeah, I failed to mention the dew
But it's the least of the mess y'er in
Is there really nothing you can do?
Well, you might try "thin to win"


Out of my mind
Learning this
Fun game

That was Joe's response to a school assignment in which he was to write a poem with each line beginning with the next letter of the word the poem was about. Not bad. And I think we all understand the sentiment exactly, Joe. smile

The Olden Days

When woods were wood you just had to be good
No "hybrids", no "oversize", no "forgiving"

To play a long iron was an artistic thing
And in those days the golf clubs didn't make my ears ring

If we went back to hickory that would suit me just fine
Though I wonder if the number of golfers wouldn't quickly decline

That's what it boils down to in the end, always is
Profitability, inflation, the numbers -- it's just BIZ.

Little White Golf Ball

Little white golf ball please tell me of the trick
to hitting you down the middle with this skinny little stick.

I try to keep my left arm straight - my head is always down -
but still I see my best attempt go dribbling on the ground.

Why do I pull you to the left, or slice you to the right?
What will it take to hit you straight until you're out of sight?

The money spent on lessons - all the practice balls I hit
only adds to my frustration when it doesn't help a bit.

For even when I do things right it only lasts a while.
It never seems like very long before I lose my smile.

Little golf ball please tell me of the trick
to hitting you down the middle with this skinny little stick.

The Hook

Does it swing to the left without control,
Does it bend too far, never threatening the hole,
A draw, then a hook, then a snap that's no fun,
But one thing's for sure, you'll get lots of run,
Where will it go? Into trouble, usually,
Then reload and fire, that's 3 off the tee,
2 knuckles on the left, you should only show,
In the fingers on the right, you'll not let go

Reality Check

i'm on top of my game
i'm winning all bets
opponents cower at my name
it's as good as it gets

i'm hitting it long
i'm firing at pins
my short game is strong
my putts all roll in

but then i wake up
and remember, alas
my grip is too tight
and my swing is too fast

i'll never amount
to the player i'd be
unless i can somehow
let the clubhead swing free

Essence of Golf

There is a rhythm
And there is a line
Both can be arrived at
Like a funnel, just fine

angular momentum,
and alignment
The rest just requires a bit of refinement

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of any material on this website without
written consent from the site's author