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Golf Instruction Article

How to Get Good at Golf
Simple Steps to Follow

  • First learn to putt well -- specifically, develop your putting to the point where you average less than two putts per green (the tour average is less than 1.7 putts per green)

  • Then, add to your putting skill the ability to chip and pitch well -- so that you can get the ball down in two strokes the majority of the time from near the green (and include with this the ability to play from greenside bunkers well enough to get down in two strokes around half the time)

  • Then develop your ability to strike the ball with a full (or partial) swing -- with all your clubs, in a wide variety of situations and conditions -- well enough to hit about 1/2 to 2/3 of the greens in regulation, on average

  • Spend enough time playing the game to develop your ability to make good decisions -- by playing to your strengths and avoiding your weaknesses (of course, working long term to improve in your weakest areas all the while)

  • Add to all the above fierce desire to excel, passionate motivation, focus (visual and mental), perseverance, bravery and money

Based on my experience and observations, if you follow or have the above procedures and attributes you will become good at golf. Of course, it depends somewhat on your definition of "good at golf" but I think that most people would agree that having a single digit handicap qualifies as being good, and following the above will get you at least that far. You can always get better than that if you choose to. smile

To assist your development in each of the skill areas mentioned above - no matter where you're starting from or how far you want to go -- I offer the following recommendations.

Short Game (Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Greenside bunkers)
Striking the ball - (full/partial swings, all clubs, multiple situations and conditions)
Playing and Decision Making

And since hitting the ball far is becoming a more important part of the game
and because so many people are interested in hitting the ball longer

Getting More Distance

The end

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Work on any part of your game with PGA professional Mark Blakemore, author of this website, in person at two locations in the east bay area of San Francisco. Or get the books...

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