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Free Golf Instruction Book
An introduction to the game of golf for beginners

The ABC's of Golf

Part A - All About How to Get Started in Golf
Part B - Basic Fundamentals and Concepts in Golf Swing Technique
Part C - Common Golf Words and Phrases - Glossary

Page 6

Part A - All About How to Get Started in Golf (continued)

In addition to clubs you may need other items. Like how about balls? Most golf courses and practice facilities sell inexpensive balls or used balls that are fine for beginners. You may lose a lot of balls at first -- out of bounds, in people's yards, water hazards, forests, etc. Golf balls come in different types for different types of players. The price is more important than the quality of the ball initially, but if you want to focus on one variable choose the hard golf balls, one or two-piece balls with a hard cover. These balls are more durable and actually go slightly farther than the other types of balls. Many golf courses or practice facilities sell used golf balls, which are usually much less expensive than new balls and work just fine. Note: It is unacceptable to use range balls on the golf course.

You may need tees (available from any golf shop or sporting goods store, cheap -- and you'll probably find some as you play and practice). You will need a bag to carry your clubs. Tip: If you plan to do much walking/carrying you might want to consider getting the lightest, most durable bag you can find. Golf shoes are optional for beginners, as are gloves in my opinion. If you play in an area where the ground is usually wet or slippery golf shoes will help. And if sweaty hands or blisters are a big factor for you a glove will help. But there is benefit to be had from practicing with tennis shoes and without a glove -- namely feel.

What other equipment might you need? Hats, sunscreen, ball markers (a coin is also fine), ball mark repair tool (a tee also works fine), a towel for cleaning your ball, clubs, hands, etc. (you probably already have towels). The list can be ridiculous, but I've covered the essentials here. The more you like having little accessories and accoutrements the more you might go out and get all the myriad things that are available. As you become more experienced you will settle on what things you actually use and need.

If you have a suggestion as to how this book could be an even better resource for brand new golfers or feedback of any kind please

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